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The Simple Truth About Private Jet Charter

In the current economic climate you may need that extra few thousand and I know that as you look to make savings on you private jet travel it may be worth your while looking at why some companies are taking you for an expensive ride. Consider some of the limitations with spending around € 200,000 EUR on a 25 hr block program from a leading shared ownership private jet company compared to spending up to € 180,000 EUR or indeed less on similar aircraft with much more flexibility when using adhoc private jet charter.

With some companies you pay for all the little changes that you make, like upgrading or downgrading to a different size aircraft, fuel surcharges, landing fees, airport surcharges, parking charges on some aircraft, and catering on larger aircraft is also not included. You are also locked into a fixed contract that expires, so if you don't fly you lose your money and within a year it disappears. If you are looking at charter on an adhoc basis it certainly a cheaper and more flexible option.

The price that you are quoted is the price you pay, catering is included and you have the ability to match the aircraft for the specific need that you have. For example you may want to fly from London to Nice with your wife for the weekend, you would use a light jet which will take you there in supreme comfort. Then during the week you require a business jet to take 9 passengers from London to Moscow, you would use a heavy jet with more space and additional range. With adhoc charter you only pay for what you use. And as you pay as you fly. Your cash can be in your control making interest for you not in someone else's account making interest for them.

There are some benefits of using per hour programs including that they guarantee availability from your home base. As they guarantee availability at short notice but if they are experiencing heavy bookings they may have to fly a plane in from a different location to do the flight. This does not cost the end client but indeed some per hour companies are forced to make a loss due to their contractual agreement. This happens on some flights due to the relocation cost more than the actual billed amount. Considering that the planes are involved in fractional ownership and the shareholder owns the aircraft to a large extent. It may be of concern to the to some members of these programs that the company runs a model that does not seem to be able to provide a return on investment.

All in all per hour block programs seem to have a decent market share of the Private Jet market, but at what cost to their members? It would appear that adhoc charter is more flexible and cheaper with the only downside being that it takes a little more involvement to book a flight. But that can simply be fixed by employing the right broker that you trust. They can arrange all your needs with a simple email or phone call.

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